About me

I’m a politically aware fifteen year old from Brisbane, Australia, with a keen interest in what’s happening around the world. I tend to hang pretty firmly in the centre, but typically swing to the left socially and to the right economically.

One of my core beliefs is that proven factual evidence, where existent, should be the basis for one’s opinion, not vice versa. With this in mind, my goal for this website is to share my opinions on topics of current relevance, by elaborating on my many truth-fuelled opinions.

In doing this, I hope to write content that is both true to my own thoughts, but also factually correct and thought-provoking for people of all political orientations.

I’ll write about things when I feel I need to, whether that be three posts in a day or only one in a fortnight.

I am greatly looking forward to sharing posts with you, and you are most welcome to reach out to me via my Twitter page.