Lost leader exhibiting a lack of leadership

A week ago, I posted a thread on Twitter criticising Scott Morrison for his notable lack of any useful contribution to the bushfire crisis. Almost no visits to impacted areas, no real public displays of support and concern, as well as point-blank refusing to accept legitimate realities surrounding the situation.

So, what would I have Morrison do? It’s so incredibly simple: unify the country. Have people put their political divisions aside to support those impacted in whatever way fits best. At this terrible time, strong and unifying leadership is almost all I ask of you, Scott.

Unfortunately, Scott Morrison has proven himself to be completely inept at practising leadership at that level, or even a level close to it. It’s not just his leadership that’s missing, either. The man himself has taken a “well-earned” break with his family, an opportunity that so many Australians will not have this Christmas as a result of their astonishing bravery and generosity in putting themselves on the line to battle the fires. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone deserves a holiday every now and again, but this, a national crisis, is the sort of thing I would expect the Prime Minister to return from a holiday early from, certainly not to begin one during.

I’m not the only one who thinks this sort of thing isn’t on, either. Here’s Scott Morrison on the ABC’S Q&A programme in 2010, criticising then Victorian police chief Christine Nixon for going out to dinner during the Black Saturday bushfires.

It’s almost like he’s criticising her for abandoning her post during a bushfire-related emergency, right? How good is a hypocrite?

Scott, I’m seeing a lot of burning right now, but none from you. I’d be very surprised if Dutton and Porter aren’t counting the numbers right now.

Malcolm, you’re welcome back any time.

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